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How to Dab Cannabis

Dabs are highly concentrated amounts of marijuana that is manufactured by the extraction of THC and other cannabinoids from the cannabis plant by using a solvent like butane or carbon dioxide. 


Types of Concentrates

Shatter- This is a highly recognized form of cannabis extract. It has a glass-like consistency, which makes it suitable for smoking and handling. Shatter is usually sold in parchment paper because of its sticky nature. 

Wax- This is a sticky type of cannabis concentrate. Wax is usually sold in silicone bags or small glass jars. Wax tends to leave a lot of means if not appropriately handled. 


Rosin- It is a specially made cannabis concentrate. Rosin is manufactured without the use of any solvents. You can create resin by pressing the dry cannabis buds through pressure and heat. 


Budder- This concentrate is like wax as it’s a form of BHO (butane hash oil). But it has an opaque nature. This concentrate has a higher terpene profile and delivers the best smoke. 


Live Resin- Manufactured through live plants, this concentrate contains higher terpene profiles when compared to most other concentrates.


How to Dab 

The tools you’ll need include cannabis extract, water pipe, nail, torch, and dabber. When you have gotten all your tools, then you may want to sit down before dabbing. 

Step 1: Place your torch right at the nail. Heat the nail until it turns becomes super-hot and when the nail becomes red hot, power off the torch and put the glass piece above the nail. Keep in mind that the nail is not to be touched and it’s advisable to keep your hands off it to enjoy your high.  

Step 2: Place your dabber straight on the nail, directly within the dome, and then slowly turn it.  It better to rotate the dabber tip on the nail to avoid wasting your oil.  

Step 3: Exhale and enjoy!

Note that nails and glass domes, so handle with proper care. 

Dabs are the best ways for users to get an incredibly potent hit of cannabis at any time.  This can a little rough for beginners. Nevertheless, earning and planning in time will pave your dabbing experience.  


Featured Concentrates


Jungle Cake (Live Resin Budder) 1 Gram

From the Jungle boys White Fire 43 x Wedding Cake cross comes to Jungle Cake. A sweet, intense hybrid cross provides lifted, focused, happy, euphoric, and creative feelings – great any time of the day!


Blueberry (Live Resin Budder) 1 Gram

Live resin budder extracted from the Blueberry Indica cannabis flower – live resin extraction retains the full, flavorful terpene profile of the cannabis plant and all of its beneficial cannabinoids in a potently delicious dab ready concentrated form.


Miss Rad Reefer X Frosty – Locktite F2 (Diamond Sauce) 1 Gram

Taking after the Gorilla Glue in effect and certainly, in resin production, this is an upbeat and potent strain to be enjoyed by concentrate connoisseurs alike.


Slurricane (Live Resin Budder) 1 Gram

An epic amalgam of Do-Si-Dos x Purple Punch, this pungent, indica-dominant hybrid reveals heavy aromas of creamy OG -with undertones of tropical blueberries gives you full body high bliss.

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