How It Works

1. Get Verified

Create a new account and upload your Medical Marijuana Recommendation.

2. Place Your Order

Browse our cannabis menu and choose the medicine that's right for you.

3. Fast Delivery

We dispatch the nearest driver to hand deliver your medicine in minutes!

How Do I Get Verified?

New patients must be verified by providing proof of eligibility to use Medical Marijuana in California in compliance with Proposition 215 and SB 420.

  1. Create an Account:
    Sign up for an account at

  2. Upload Your Documents:
    Submit photos of your valid, government-issued photo identification and Medical Marijuana Recommendation. Don’t have a Medical Marijuana Recommendation? Apply now at

  3. Verification:
    Your account information and documents will be reviewed by our dedicated Support Team. If you uploaded the right documents with clear photos, verification should take just a few minutes.

  4. Get Notified:
    You will receive a notification via email once you are approved. If your account is declined, you will receive further information via email with instructions on what we need to complete your verification.

  5. Your Account is Verified!
    Once verified, you’re all set and can now order a delivery through The Cannabis Method!

What Documents do I Need?

To verify your account, we need two important documents:

  1. A valid, government-issued photo identification
  2. Your recommendation to use Medical Marijuana

Valid Government ID:

Please provide a clear image of a current government-issued photo identification or passport.

Your recommendation to use Medical Marijuana:

In order to verify your recommendation, we need the image to clearly display your patient ID number, the expiration date, and the website or phone number to call for verification.