Cheef – Raven




These all natural pre rolled cones are made with 1500 milligrams of organic top shelf flower dipped in C02 oil & rolled in hash .. Cheef Pre Rolls are strongest pre roll on the market. With a heavy blend of concentrate and top shelf flower they will last long and burn smooth all the way till the end. Almost twice the weight compared to the other pre rolled joints. Try a Cheef Naturals pre-roll today and see for yourself!

1500mg of organic top shelf bud
Lab tested pesticide free
No chemicals or generic flavoring
Only natural fresh ingredients
Slow burning smooth taste
Twice the size then other pre-rolls
Dipped in CO2 Oil
Rolled in Hash

Organic Top Shelf Flower: All our flower is lab tested pesticide & Solvent free. We source all our flower from experienced growers that care about their environment and what goes in to their plants. Our pre rolls are made with 1500mg (1.5g) of flower. That’s almost twice the size then their competitors.

CO2 Oil: All of our pre rolled cones are dipped in the highest quality CO2 oil that is also lab tested for pesticides and solvents. This step results in not only a slower burn but a more potent product overall.

Hash: After they are dipped in CO2 oil they are then rolled in hash to make an unmatched potency and taste that will leave you in a dream catcher state of mind for hours. You will only find this unmatched size and strength with a Cheef Naturals pre-roll. Nothing else can compare.

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