Smart Carts – Green Ribbon (Sativa-Hybrid)



Green Ribbon is a Sativa dominant hybrid that tends towards the sativa side when it comes to effects; patients report an energetic, heady feeling when using it. Originating in San Jose, California, this strain includes some Green Crack but the status of the other parent is unknown, with Trainwreck, Afghanica, and White Rhino all contenders. The light green buds have a subtle floral scent and are slightly fruity, lending to an earthy taste. Users wille xperience uplifted, happy effects and can be used medically to treat stress, depression, fatigue, nausea, or headaches.

1 gram cartridge containing THC distillate oil. Combine with 3.5v lithium ion battery to vape (available in store) or any 510 thread vape battery.
85.54% THC

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